Exclusive Fashion Jewellery from European Designers

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GPO Box 2928
Sydney 2001
Tel +61 (0) 0408 865 823

IN.ZU - italy

Textile bags for everyday use with a unique design, characterized by clean lines and an opposed construction complexity.

The sleek, elegant and lively design of IN.ZU products respect and enhance the practical function, abstracted from their common use.

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Designer, tailors and pattern makers cohabit in a passionate and constructive confrontation, making In.Zu an inspired synthesis between creative workroom, textile handicraft, industrial design. A place of production and research, stretched out in welcoming and internalizing the end user’s feedback to make a continuous improvement.

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Every single item is made entirely by hand in Italy, with experience of tailoring and attention to detail.

IN.ZU products are 100% thought, designed, developed and made in Italy!

To find out more or arrange a viewing contact us via email jewellery@mingk.com
or call + 61 (0) 408 865 823.