Exclusive Fashion Jewellery from European Designers

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GPO Box 2928
Sydney 2001
Tel +61 (0) 0408 865 823


mingk ensures that all jewellery selected for the mingk collection is made with the highest standard of care and quality. Caring for your jewellery will ensure that they remain as new as when you first bought them.

All jewellery made of sterling silver can be polished with a liquid silver polisher or silver polishing cloth.

All other forms of fashion jewellery should be polished with a wet cotton ball and then dried with a white cotton cloth.

All jewellery should be dried after contact with water or other liquids. Perfume may damage your jewellery so ensure you avoid contact.

For any enquiries regarding care for your jewellery contact Basile Moschidis on + (61) 408 865 823.